Exploring adaptation priorities of communities in the Huong River basin, Vietnam

The Huong River basin area in Central Vietnam is already heavily impacted by natural disasters which are projected to occur with increasing frequency and intensity due to climate change.The issue is on the political agenda and local stakeholders are also aware of the issue. However, little knowledge exists on the exact consequences of projected changes and on how to respond to it.

Local Partner Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD) collects information on vulnerabilities, existing coping mechanisms and adaptation priorities of local people. This information was used to select and support a specific adaptation measure and to integrate the perspective of local communities on climate change adaptation into the dialogue between communities, researchers and relevant local and regional governmental authorities.

Local action

A survey on adaptation priorities of local communities, existing initiatives of the local government and (inter)national NGOs was carried out. The survey resulted in the choice to plant mangroves in parts of the basin as a buffer against floods and related erosion. Additionally, activities on flood proofing of houses are carried out.


The mangroves were planted and the trees have grown very well. The pilot activities of ADAPTS have been visited by various national and international organisations. CSRD also was asked to draft a part of the Provincial Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation, which is developed within the framework of the National Target Program on Climate Change.

This is a unique opportunity to integrate the findings on local vulnerabilities and adaptation priorities into provincial policies and local planning. The ADAPTS case in Vietnam thus shows that findings from a bottom-up process can significantly contribute to provincial policies on climate change adaptation.


Synthesis report Vietnam

Factsheet Vietnam version June 2011

Assessment about local adaptation measures in the Huong river basin